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Years of expertise have helped us in getting the best health food on our selves. We love healthy beings but we case just as much to cater to your cravings too. Our chocolate assorted nuts are a blend of healthy and tasty snacking. Also, our wide range of mukhwas is a must try and serves as a perfect compliment.

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33 Item(s)

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Buy Organic Seeds, Health Foods, Mukhwas and Makhana From Dry Fruit Zone?

Dry Fruit Zone is a place wherein Healthy meets Tasty. It enables you to enjoy some delicious treats with health benefits. Let’s face it, Health is something that everyone’s conscious about. Dry Fruit zones bring healthy snack items at fingertips, so all your favorite snack items are just a click away, Yes! It's that simple. Dry Fruit Zone has a variety of food products that are available under the ‘Other Items’ tab, which mainly includes Health Foods, Mukhwas Refreshment, and Chocolate Assorted Nuts.

Health Foods

Health Foods section at our website serves a variety of deities such as Aam Papad Barfi, Chia Seeds, Sabja Seeds, White Quinoa Seeds and a variety of flavored Makhanas. Some health benefits of these Health Food items are listed below.

  • Improves digestion
  • Helps fight diabetes
  • Rich in minerals
  • Helps fight diseases
  • Vitamin C abundant
  • Packed with nutrients
  • Improves intestinal disorders
  • Prevents cancer
  • Reduced depression
  • Great for the eyes
  • Helps in pregnancy
  • It is iron-rich
  • Stimulate Weight Loss
  • Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Regulate blood glucose Levels and Help Prevent Diabetes
  • Fight carcinoma And Other sorts of Cancer
  • Support Healthy Blood Lipid Levels

With our increased indulgence with a sedentary lifestyle, the necessity of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is definitely a must. Including these health foods in our routine can exponentially boost our health. Dry Fruit Zone is amongst the most dependable food (healthy) providers that provide a range of Food (healthy) at a reasonable price. So head to www.dryfruitzone.com to shop for the best quality of food (healthy) and organic seeds online.

Mukhwas Refreshment

Mukhwas are often described as a seed-based mouth freshener and digestive aid. Mukhwas are the literal translation of mouth freshener in Hindi. The taste of traditional Indian mouth freshener is refreshing, sweet and aromatic at the same time thanks to the mixture of fennel seeds, added sugars, spices and essential oils for bad breath.

Benefits of Mukhwas
  1. Reduce Hypertension: Essential sesame seeds have proven to scale back hypertension in a number of research studies. Magnesium in sesame seeds has also said to be a good vasodilator. In short, benniseed helps in the reduction of strain on the cardio system.
  2. Prevent Cancer
  3. Reduce Asthma: Content of Mukhwas helps in cleaning mucus from the body and supply relief from cold and cough.
  4. Help reduce body weight: Mukhwas with Ajwain (Ajowan) helps dissolve body fat and to scale back weight. To reap Mukhwas benefits sometimes taken empty stomach are often helpful in weight loss.
  5. Trembles: Mukhwas consumption on day to day is often helpful in overcoming trembles and shaking of limbs.
  6. Diarrhea: Mukhwas also can be an excellent cure for Diarrhoea.
  7. Lactation: Mukhwas is sweet for lactating women because it is useful in an increase in milk flow.

Dry Fruit Zone aims to deliver healthy fruits and dry fruits which are of Premium grade. We stand as a customer-oriented company wherein the consumers’ satisfaction is of utmost importance. Consumers’ satisfaction provides us with content. All the packaging of our products is nitrogen pumped which makes sure that the merchandise is fresh and is durable enough to last. Nakodas is our producer which provides us with the foremost premium quality of dry fruits. Consumers should definitely explore www.dryfruitzone.com to receive the best quality of our Mukhwas which are available in your favorite flavors and buy mukhwas online.

Chocolates Coated Nuts

Chocolate coated nuts, an item that's not only healthy but is additionally tasty at the same time, more like the best of both worlds!!! Also, they're a treat to the youngsters and also the elderly, alike. Now, what if we told you that this mix of premium chocolate assorted nuts is accessible at the click of a button? Yes, you read it right; our online portal Dry Fruit Zone (www.dryfruitzone.com) offers a variety of top quality, assorted chocolate assorted nuts at the best market value.

Benefits Of Chocolate Coated Nuts
  1. The flavourful combination of almonds and chocolate has an array of health benefits when consumed in moderation. Almonds are a source of vitamin E, providing 30 to 35percent of its daily requirement, whereas chocolate, especially bittersweet chocolate, which contains flavonoids, increases vessel dilation.
  2. The fat and protein content available in almonds makes it more filling to eat and is successively consumed in lesser proportions overall. On the other hand, chocolate has its own health benefits. It improves blood flow to the heart and brain, thus promoting better cardiovascular health, thus making the mixture of almonds and chocolate an ideal match.
  3. The flavonol antioxidants in chocolate are partly liable for improving blood pressure levels and improved vessel functions alongside decreasing inflammation and blood coagulation. Because almonds take longer to chew than other processed foods, its satiety quotient is improved, making it a perfect dietary substance for a balanced weight management program. These substances of chocolate and almonds make them beneficial as a health supplement for a person.
  4. Almonds are loaded with healthy fats, chocolate works wonders for uplifting the mood of a person. It gives the much needed emotional boost that an individual requires. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a compound having similar effects on the brain as endorphins which are brain chemicals that decrease pain and increase the emotions of happiness and contentment.
  5. One can always savor the amazing blend of chocolate and almonds as a snack when faced with emotional disturbances. Risk of a coronary heart condition and high cholesterol levels could also be avoided if one-third of a cup of almonds is consumed every day. They can be consumed alone or they might be consumed with the exciting combination of chocolate assorted nuts.

DryFruitZone is a perfect place where you'll find the flavourful combination of chocolate and almond at affordable prices. There are two major products available at DryFruitZone within the chocolate assorted nuts category, namely, chocolate almonds and also the bittersweet chocolate almonds. Both these products contain premium quality almonds and chocolate coats that are the perfect blend of proteins, fiber, and carbs.

These chocolate assorted nuts from DryFruitZone bring out the enhanced and enriching taste of chocolate and almonds, alike. We here at DryFruitZone believe that one must not compromise when it involves quality. We ensure that every almond that goes into the making of chocolate almonds has the very best nutritional value. The chocolate and bittersweet chocolate used for the coating isn't adulterated or of cheap quality. Placing an order is similar to the delivery procedure at DryFruitZone is hassle-free and is formed by keeping the customer’s convenience in mind.